World class product labeling

ACG Accent helps customers, mainly within the textile, sports and apparel industry, with product labeling including printing, marks and packaging. We find our strengths in our world-leading research, effective logistics and a very experienced customer service. Moreover, we have the industry's best model for e-commerce and a strong commitment to environmental issues. Through our expertise and reputation, our customers will increase the value of their brand.


Thanks to world-leading research our transfer attaches to 97% of all fabrics.


Increase the value of your brand through our unique design concepts.


Our studio designs everything from overall design concepts to single items.

Latest news

Welcome to the launch of the new label concept BREAK at Performance Days 26-27 of april

28 Oct 16

As we are working intensively with our clients' brands, it’s sometimes easy to forget our own brand. However, after long planning, we have now upgraded ...

Smart Transfer

28 Oct 16

Communicate more efficiently through our app, Smart Transfer. In ACG Accent’s development of creative product labeling concepts, we always strive to become a more responsive partner to our customers...